Ryan S.

What makes Sebastian unique is the fact that he becomes personally invested in helping his clients achieve their health and fitness goals. As an example, when I set the goal of running the New York City Marathon, he not only helped me train for the big day–he actually ran the marathon with me and coached me through it to the very end. I don’t know any other personal trainer who would run 26.2 miles on their day off in order to help a client achieve a lifelong goal. His passion and enthusiasm for health and fitness is infectious and he has transformed my body–and mind–in a way I didn’t think was possible.

After graduating law school I found myself sitting at a desk in front of a computer for a minimum of 14 hours a day. This lifestyle, of course, eventually led to some weight gain and the all-around deterioration of my health and well-being. Knowing that my work schedule was less than ideal, Sebastian put me through a challenging high intensity interval training program that was able to give me the results I wanted in a short amount of time. And in just six short weeks I was not only back in shape–I was in the best shape of my life.

Sabrina Athans

Sebastian doesn't just try to bring numbers on a scale down. He truly cares about your health and well being. He makes you want to get stronger in all aspects of your life and not just to fit into a smaller clothing size. Even though it is definitely nice to see after all that hard work!

I started working out with Sebastian about 4 months after having my first child. I was probably in the worst shape of my life before I even got pregnant. As a result, losing the baby weight was an even harder struggle than I imagined. Sebastian worked with me pushing me to achieve things I never thought possible. I used to need a chair for support to do a simple squat. Now I can squat with weights across my shoulders with no assistance at all. I was never an avid runner, (I'm still not very fond of running) but thanks to Sebastian's encouragement I have run a 5 mile race as well as finished my first half marathon. The old me would have quit after mile 1 if I was lucky.

Sebastian is more than a trainer. He is truly a friend. He wants the best for you, and is just happy to see you succeed in whatever it is you want to achieve. And when you reach that point, he pushes you just a little bit farther to attain something you would never think was possible.

Holly DiFanti

Not only does Sebastian work you to your fullest and some but he does it with such great passion. His positive energy is contagious and I love that! I'm always in a really good, happy, positive mood after a work out session with him.

I wanted the perfect wedding body to feel good in my tight wedding dress and Sebastian transformed my body completely in just 8 weeks. My back, arms, legs, butt and abs have never been so tight and toned!

If you are looking to live a healthy, better life and feel the best you've ever felt you must give Sebastian a try. You'll be addicted instantly!

Sandra Foley

I would absolutely recommend Sebastian Fitness. He is challenging by always introducing new workouts and increasing the level of intensity as needed. His commitment and support is incomparable, giving up his own free time to run races or lend support to clients while they achieve their goals. Sebastian is also knowledgeable if any physical limitations exist. When a medical issue with my knee could have prevented me from running, he revamped the workouts to strengthen the area around my knee and I am now training for my third half marathon. Sebastian's enthusiasm and great energy puts everyone around him in a good mood. He is just as interested in seeing clients achieve their goals as each individual client.

Sebastian does more than just work on the physical; he is an amazing trainer who is working on the overall improvement of the person as a whole. Recommending him to someone is a no-brainer - absolutely check him out!

Keith Edwards

I want to let you know that Sebastian is one of the most talented, inspiring, upbeat people I know. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that Sebastian has changed my life.

When I began training with Sebastian, I thought that I was in pretty good shape, at least good enough for me. I hated the gym. I have never been much of an athlete, and I had a pretty bad attitude. Sebastian worked with me, and frankly put up with a lot of my self-doubt and negativity. He never let me cheat or quit, often times despite my protests. He encouraged me to do more than I thought I could. And it worked... I've lost over fifty pounds. Sebastian encouraged me to start a running program... and after a few weeks of encouragement got me to sign up to run the Bronx 10-mile race. He actually came out to the race and ran it with me! In December I ran my first half marathon. This is something I never, ever dreamed would be possible for me. And without Sebastian, it wouldn't have been.

Debra Beauford

What makes Sebastian Fitness Unique, is Sebastian’s knowledge and commitment to his clients. When you train with Sebastian, he teaches you in order to maintain and be successful in your fitness goals you need to make this a lifestyle change.

I would describe my transformation with Sebastian Fitness as life changing. Sebastian didn’t just help me lose weight over 50 pounds, but he taught me how to eat healthy, be fit, and have the confident to challenge myself, in ways I would never have. Sebastian trained me to run my first race, the NYC Half Marathon in 8 weeks. I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been in my life.

I would recommend Sebastian Fitness to anyone who wants to train and learn from the best. People often asked me how does he train me and my answer is how does he not? Sebastian does strength training, yoga, kicking boxing, running, spinning, you name it; he has introduced it all into our regular fitness routine. With Sebastian you know you will get someone who will teach you to be the best YOU can be. He will definitely bring out the best in YOU. Sebastian will be able to help you reach your fitness goals and then surpass them. How do I know, because he did that and even more for me.

Olga Alcaraz

Sebastian is unique because he takes a holistic approach to training. He helped me get stronger physically and emotionally. He made me believe in myself again.

My transformation at the beginning was a bit of a roller coaster. I would fall off the wagon and Sebastian would put me back on it. I became stronger and my confidence grew in all aspects of my life. I became passionate about working out. I feel proud of myself and my children are proud of me.

He is patient, professional and consistent. He practices what he preaches. He pushed me but did it in a way that I felt accountable so I worked harder. I learned to love working out with him.